SAUK RAPIDS (WJON News) - Nestled quietly in a Sauk Rapids strip mall is the first “rage lab” in central Minnesota.

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Emotion In Motion is a combination rage lab and splatter paint studio on Benton Drive.

Owner Leah Beack says a rage lab is a place to work out your frustrations.

After signing the waiver online and booking online, you put on protective gear (then) you get a bin full of breakables. You take as much time as you need to break all the things that you've been given.

Submitted Photo
Submitted Photo

The lab can fit up to three people at a time, and there are packages available for large groups. Beack says many people are surprised at the amount of physical exertion it takes to break all the items in the room, and she’s been surprised at some of the more personal, emotional reactions to the process.

There's some real deep wounds that I think people are finding their healing in this space. I wasn't expecting that. I am not a therapist, (but) this is a form of therapy for some.

In addition to the rage lab, Emotion in Motion also offers a splatter paint area for birthday parties and corporate team-building events. The splatter paint room is a physical location for the traveling splatter paint operation Beack did at county fairs last summer.

In the splatter paint room, a canvas is placed on a wall, and you throw paint at it.

So for splatter painting they are given goggles and either an apron or a poncho and they throw the paint onto the canvas. And then we follow up with glitter confetti. What do they use to throw the paint? Paint brushes - primarily we pet been having a lot of fun soaking cotton balls and paint and then smacking them with fly swatters or badminton. Yeah, the kids really like that.

Submitted photo
Submitted photo

And it’s guilt-free fun since the paint is specially formulated to come out of clothes.

It’s not actually paint. We had somebody make it. I had some requirements because we do a lot of county fairs, so the paint can't dry out when it's out on a table for six hours in the beating sun. It had to come out of every any type of clothing as long as you wash your clothes within seven days the paint will come right out.

In addition to birthday parties, Emotion in Motion hosts corporate meetings and team building in the space.

Emotion in Motion is located at 730 Benton Drive South in Sauk Rapids. For more information, or to make an appointment, find the website here.



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