Goodbye Fall and HELLO winter! Even though in Minnesota we've been "enjoying" winter weather for awhile, technically the first day of winter is December 21 and we are headed into it with a cold spell and in true Minnesota winter style.

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According to the National Weather Service we are under a "winter storm watch": starting on Wednesday, December 21 from 6 a.m. through Saturday, December 24 6 a.m.

The dangerously cold temps hit Thursday evening when we begin to be under a "wind chill watch" starting at 6 p.m. and continues through noon on Saturday, December 24.

In a post Monday via Facebook from National Weather Service, they announce:

attention turns toward a powerful late week winter storm that will bring accumulating snow, strong winds, blowing and drifting snow and very cold to dangerous wind chills. Travel may be very difficult Wednesday afternoon through Friday.

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We could be seeing upwards of 6 inches or more of snow here in St. Cloud when the snow does come later this week.

Image Credit: US National Weather Service Twin Cities Minnesota via Facebook
Image Credit: US National Weather Service Twin Cities Minnesota via Facebook

If you must travel for the holidays ahead of Saturday, please=please-please make sure to pack accordingly and pack extra gear for a just in case. With blankets, first aid kits and any other survival gear one might possibly need. On the other hand if you can wait out the storm before Christmas, that would be the best.

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But we also know how weather can change by the moment, so we will keep on top of the latest and fill you in on what we find out when we do. You can always head here to see more too and for the latest in weather closings here's the link for that too. Be safe and stay warm my friends!

We did see this winter coming though, didn't we?

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