Happy Valentine's Day! Today we celebrate our significant others by showing them how much we love and appreciate them in our lives...but, do you know their love language?

Yesterday I walked into a conversation in our break room about love languages. One of my co-workers was trying to explain what it was to another co-worker. I was asked if I knew what mine was. Some of my co-workers were in disbelief when I replied that my love language is 'acts of service' and my husbands is 'words of affirmation.'


Other people kept popping into the conversation with excitement to tell us what their love language was. I was shocked to see how many people knew their love language and thought it worked wonders for their relationship and helped them better understand their significant other.

My husband and I took the love language quiz about two months ago. It has helped us understand each other on a deeper level. My love language is acts of service. So, essentially, I feel most loved and appreciated when my husband puts the dishes away or cleans the toilet...(lol it sounds so romantic...NOT).

My husband's love language is 'words of affirmation.' So, he feels most loved and appreciated when I tell him that he's appreciated or let him know why I love him. He likes being thanked for the things he does.

It's funny because for so many years I would spend time cleaning our house, making dinner and getting groceries, and I'd wonder why it seemed like he didn't appreciate it so much...I mean, I spent all day cleaning the toilet--he should be falling head over heals for me. I realized that I was loving him through my love language and not his.

After we took the quiz we realized we needed to change up our tactics a little bit. He started picking up the house before I'd get home from work which showed me love. And, I started telling him what an awesome job he did and how much I appreciated him, which made him feel loved in his love language.

It's crazy how much this has helped us to better understand one another. So, in the spirit of Valentine's Day, here's the love language quiz! Take the quiz and share it with your significant other.

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