I would first like to say HAPPY (early) MOTHER'S DAY to every Mom! Without you the world would be insane. You do so much for not only your family, but for everyone. There is something to say about mom's who accept hugs as repayment for everything she did for her kids!

"Working Mother" magazine has issued a list of the year's 10 Most Powerful Moms. I think every mom should be on the list, "working" or not. Let's face it, being a mom is never over, even when the kids grow into adults and have families themselves.

Here are 5 of the 10 Most Powerful Moms

Spanx inventor Sarah Blakely

"Today" show Co-Host Ann Curry

Angelina Jolie


"Bridesmaid" actress Melissa McCarthy

Please comment below with your moms name and give her a special "Shout Out!" Mother's Day should be celebrated everyday, not once a year!

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