A video of a couple Fergus Falls women shopping in Walmart dressed as a T-rex and gorilla is going viral for its good-natured hilarity.

On Saturday, Fergus Falls mom Danielle Elliot posted a silly video of herself and her friend Genevieve to Facebook.

"We are here," she addresses the camera outside of Walmart, half-dressed in her inflatable gorilla, "because we want to show you that there are ways to take precautions during this serious time. [...] We hear," she continues, "if you want to keep people six feet away, you just kind gotta look like a scary monster."

If scary's what the pair was going for, they failed hysterically! The video goes on to show them dressed up in their inflatable costumes as they enter Walmart and walk the aisles in search of toilet paper. Along the way, other customers stop to take photos, laugh or just give them strange looks. The laughter only renews when the pair reaches the toilet paper and discovers they can't grab or hold it very well in their inflatable hands. Goofy ragtime-style music only adds to the silliness of it all. After a successful Walmart run, the pair then makes their way over to another local grocery to pick up a couple more items and brings smiles to some more faces.

"Thank you to the great community of Fergus Falls for being such great sports," reads a graphic at the end of the video. "We all need to laugh a little bit more!"

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