Fergie doesn't want you to believe the hype that she has a new solo album coming out.

Or does she?

The singer seemed to share mixed messages on Twitter in regards to Billboard's report that the Black Eyed Peas singer is working on her first solo album since 2006's 'The Dutchess.'

In her first tweet, Fergie cryptically writes, "As @PublicEnemyFTP says, don't believe the hype."

Later on, she adds, "But then again... sometimes #wheretheressmoketheresfire. lol"

And the finally, she posted a picture announcement on Instagram which seems to indicate that a single, titled 'L.A. Love (La La),' will be coming Sept. 29.

So which is it, Fergie?

We're learning towards a pretty good bet that she's ready to put out new music. 'The Dutchess' contained some of the most memorable pop songs of the 2000s and she is long overdue for another hit. After giving birth to Axl in August of 2013, we also think she's ready to step into the studio to work again.

Fergie will be facing some pretty stiff competition on Sept. 29, however, as One Direction have already announced that they are releasing their new single 'Steal My Girl' on the very same day.

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