The ultimate sign that fall is upon us--Dairy Queen in Sauk Rapids is officially closed for the season. Say it isn't so!! As a kid, this was the biggest sign ever that snow would inevitably be right around the corner. It's a sad day when you have to say goodbye to summer and ice cream at the same time.

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Sauk Rapids DQ has got signs posted out front and in their windows that they're closed until next spring. What a bummer! They're located on my route to and from work, so I'm reminded twice a day that winter will soon be upon us.

If it seems a little earlier than normal, you'd be right. Last year they closed up shop on October 6. We're not sure why they closed early but one thing is for sure, we'll miss them over the next several cold months.

If you're wondering how you can still get your DQ fix, don't worry...St. Cloud DQ on Highway 10 SE is still open. Typically, this DQ stays open until mid-late November and opens again at the beginning of March.

Dairy Queen on Division Street in St. Cloud typically stays open until the end of October and reopens for the season at the end of February.

If you're willing to travel outside of the St. Cloud area, Cold Spring Dairy Queen is open all year long and also features hot food. The Clearwater Dairy Queen is also open.

Nothing pairs better in a blizzard than eating a Blizzard. Mmmm!

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