As someone who lives near campus, this is really frightening. There is a Facebook post circulating the internet about someone who supposedly almost got jumped this week near the SCSU campus, specifically on 9th Ave. The post has been shared almost 7,000 times and explains in detail about how the driver of a car saw a lady laying on the ground, looking injured. The driver pulled over and instead of getting out to help the injured lady right away she called the police, which might have been how she avoided getting jumped. The woman who was thought to be injured got up and tried breaking into the locked car, and after a few seconds gave up and ran away. As she was running a man got out from behind a bush and ran with her. The Facebook poster believed that if she would have gotten out of her car she would have been jumped by the duo. 

This story hasn't actually been proven true. The St. Cloud Police haven't made any statement about it, but it is still a scary thought! I am the kind of person that would have gotten out of my car to help the person and I would have became a victim. Whether or not this story is true, please be cautious when driving around! Make sure if you see something suspicious or someone that needs help, call the police before doing anything on your own!

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