If you are anything like me, you sometimes wonder what purpose certain household items serve. Like the holes on pen caps and the mini pocket in the pocket of jeans! Here is a list of everyday things that actually serve a real purpose!


- When you buy super nice clothes (which I don't do often) they will often come with an extra piece of fabric. This patch can be used to actually patch the item or test laundry detergent on so you don't wreck your new shirt/dress/pants


- The holes in the top of pen caps aren't some magical ink preserving feature. They are there as a safety precaution! If a kid (or adult) swallow the pen cap, the hole are there to allow the victim to breath and not totally choke!


- The tiny little holes that are at the bottom of airplane windows are there to regulate air pressure! These holes also prevent the windows from fogging up! No wonder the view is always great!


- The mini pocket inside your normal pocket of your favorite pair of jeans was originally intended for pocket watches! I think it might be time to phase those out...


- The two holes by the arch of your foot on your Converse shoes are there for ventilation, not for extra shoe laces.


- The arrow next to the gas symbol on your car's dash board shows you what side the gas cap is on! Who knew?!


- iPhone Users! The little black dot by the camera on the back of your phone is a microphone for when you are recording video! I had no idea!


- The hole at the bottom of your pasta spoon is meant to help measure out how much pasta you need! If you slide uncooked pasta through that hole it'll measure out approximately the perfect portion of pasta for one! I'm trying that one out tonight!


What random household items have you found a "bonus" purpose for? Let me know in the comments!

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