If Minnesota had an official sound, what would it be?

You might say it's the call of Minnesota's state bird the common loon. Maybe you'd say the general noise of the Minnesota State Fair or the crack of a bat and the roar of the crowd at Target Field. Maybe you'd say the sound of Minnesota is the crashing of Lake Superior waves along the North Shore. Then again, maybe it's none of those!

TikTok user Luke Spine creates audio sounds inspired by visual images. For instance, in one video, Spine -- using the audio production software FL Studios -- spelled out the letters BLM (short for Black Lives Matter) as piano notes in a digital audio session. While you may think the result would sound like a mess of un-matching notes, it's actually quite the opposite!

In early September, Spine got the idea to see what every state would sound like if he created it visually in his software program. His first state to try was Texas.

The producer has since created visual sound designs for all 50 states, each with its own unique different sound. Some states (like Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota) are quite simple in sound due to their simple geometric shape while others (like California, Idaho, and Hawaii) are quite melodic due to their more complicated geometry. Minnesota's sound is actually quite pretty and -- with its runs up the East side of the state -- rather like something Bach or Beethoven might have composed!

Watch all of Luke Spine's visual sound designs on TikTok here.

What do you think of Spine's interpretation of what Minnesota sounds like?

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