Today is SBDC Day, (Small Business Development Centers Day). What does that mean for you and me?

If you are someone that's been thinking about starting your own business, but have been hesitant to get started, the SBDC is a national service that has been providing proven, cost-effective assistance to Entrepreneurs who have the talent and drive to make their dreams of owning a successful business a reality.

Photo by LaRae Ross
Photo by LaRae Ross


There are some really interesting statistics that show sales for businesses across the board in 2020 fell by 2.9%, but those who utilized the services of SBDC grew by 5.2%.

Our local SBDC office is located in St. Cloud has been instrumental in helping many of our local area businesses get started on the right foot. Veterans, minorities, and women are invited to speak with the staff at our local SBDC as well. The SBDC does a great job in helping those groups find the financing that works to get their businesses up and running and keep them running when times get tough.

You can tune in to my talk show, "It Matters with Kelly Cordes" from 1040 am to 11 am on Wednesdays for our "Local Business Review", where local area business owner Wendy Hendricks and the SBDC Directors Barry Kirchoff and LaRae Ross provide us with valuable information about starting a business and bring us local guests that share their inspirational stories about being a local business owner.


Many of us have a craft that we want to share with people, but knowing the operational costs, hiring of employees, and all the bookwork that needs to be done, can sometimes end our dream before we really have time to get our business dream started. The SBDC can change all of that. If you have the talent, but maybe not the business experience, a visit to our local SBDC office can change all of that.

For more information, contact Director Barry Kirchoff, or Assistant Director LaRae Ross at the St. Cloud SBDC office today.  You can call them at 320.308.4842.

The St. Cloud SBDC is located in the University Welcome Center at 355 5th Avenue South, in St. Cloud, and is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.


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