COLD SPRING - Cold Spring voters have elected a new mayor. David Heinen beat out Fran Ramler for the job 53 percent to 47 percent.

Heinen says he plans to take his new position one step at time.

"I basically just want to keep everything the same as it is right now, get Main Street done, see what comes up after that."

Heinen has many goals going into next year including developing a plan for a new government center. Right now the city is doing a case study to determine what facilities they could keep in the existing building and which agencies would need to be relocated. Heinen says he's in favor of still using the existing building.

"I would like to see the one we have right now remodeled, have city administration and the library in there. And move the police and fire [stations] to another area of town. They would probably be in the same building."

Heinen is a current city council member and will be sworn in as mayor during the first council meeting of January.

Ramler had been appointed mayor back in September after former Mayor Bob Thelen resigned.

Two people were elected to the Cold Spring city council, Doug Schmitz with 39 percent, and Jayme Knapp was re-elected with 35 percent.

Ramler's former city council seat is open, Heinen says the city is taking applications and will appoint a new member to the council during the next meeting, scheduled for Tuesday.

Heinen's council seat will also open up in January, he says the city will be discussing how to his seat in the coming weeks.