The weather might be a little cool and wind cold, but it's not a bad day to get out and take a walk.  Maybe you already have one planned.  Before you walk out the door to embark on your journey, grab a garbage bag.  Doesn't have to be big, but grab a bag for garbage.

Along your walk, pick up the garbage you come across.  Congratulations!  You have now participated in Earth Day 2015!

Can you imagine how wonderfully clean our neighborhoods would be if everyone did this every once in a while?  It really can be that simple.

The reason I make this suggestion, is because of a very nice man that lived on my block when I was growing up.  His name was Frankie and he was mentally challenged, but you'd hardly know it by talking to him.  Frankie was a wealth of information.  He used to hang out around our neighborhood Tom Thumb.  Every week, if we did our chores, my Dad would walk us down the block to Tom Thumb for ice cream.  Almost every time we went, Frankie was hanging out by the entrance.   We always stopped to talk with Frankie.  He would tell us about the weather, sports and anything else going on locally.

What does Frankie have to do with Earth Day?  Well, if he wasn't hanging out at the neighborhood Tom Thumb, you would usually see him walking around with a paper bag picking up any garbage he came across all over our neighborhood.

No one paid Frankie for this service.  No one asked him to do it.  He just did and he did it up until the day he died.

Wouldn't you know it though, people were paying attention.  It wasn't uncommon to see someone walking with a bag in hand after we lost Frankie.  Even on our family walks to the park, my Dad always made a point to grab a bag to pick up garbage.

I hope this inspires you to help keep your neighborhood clean too!  Just do it!  Just like Frankie did.  Don't expect anyone to notice or throw you a parade, but do it, because you'll feel good doing it.

Happy Earth Day!!