It's tough these days to find something FREE. Radio is free, but not TV. You can find a free lunch from time to time. Maybe a free drink for winning 'bar bingo'. But rarely will you find a free concert.

Every year, the largest music downloading company, iTunes, showcases some of their most popular artists in a 31 day, 62 band free concert.

Now if you plan on attending, it may cost you a bit. The concert is in July (nice because the kids are off for the summer)...BUT... is being held at the Roundhouse in London.

If I were to go I would definitely be there for Duran Duran on July 16th. Other performers include Linkin Park and Rumer. At this time, the remaining 59 bands are yet to be announced.

Read about the iTunes Festival HERE.  For more on Duran Duran click HERE

See ya in London!