I've lived in Central Minnesota my whole life. Growing up in Long Prairie, St. Cloud is the big town we would visit to go shopping or attend or celebrate special events. I remember asking these questions, and after living here for a few years, I now have the answers.


1. How is Lake George considered a lake? It's so small. - It used to be bigger. 7 city blocks bigger. But that doesn't stop 10,000 people from hanging out at it every summer Wednesday.

2. Why do the stoplights take so long? - A watched pot never boils? No one has a good answer for that, we just live with it.

3. Why do you have a million splash pads but no city pool? - A. No lifeguards are needed for splash pads, B. they are more sanitary. At some splash parks, the water goes through more cleaning steps than the water at a public pool. And C. they are free.

4. Why are St. Cloud drivers so bad? - Drivers are bad everywhere. Just do your part to not be one yourself.

5. So what do you do in St. Cloud? - What do you do where you are from? I mean we have a vibrant downtown scene with theaters, restaurants, locally owned shops, a huge mall, numerous city parks, walking and biking trails, but I don't want to bore you with the details.

A new #ExploreCentralMN is out now! 

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