This past Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and a 2014 promotion in Duluth made The Daily Show's segment on worst MLK Day f*** ups.

"What is Martin Luther King Day," Daily Show host Trevor Noah asks in his January 20th telecast, "and how should people celebrate it? For more on this we turn to a man who has had many dreams that no one wants to hear about -- [comedian] Roy Wood Jr!"

After some congenial pleasantries, Wood jumps into a segment featuring -- what he calls -- some of his "favorite MLK Day f*** ups." The first clip features a 2014 newscast out of Duluth, MN where a shop called Global Village offered a controversial "25% Off Everything Black" sale. In the replayed newscast, the owner says "He was black. He was proud, he looked good. We were celebrating that."

The camera cuts back to Wood Jr. whose face shows feigned shock.

"Are you serious? For MLK Day, 25% off for black clothes? What it should be is 100% off for black people. Free at last, free at last pants, tops and coats, free at last!"

The six-minute Daily Show segment goes on to feature other MLK Day fails, like a poster promoting a MLK Day twerking event that features a gold chain-wearing Martin Luther King Jr. and an interview with the chairman of Gun Appreciation Day.

Do you remember the Duluth store controversy or newscast referred to in the Daily Show clip?

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