ST. CLOUD (WJON News) -- November 2023 will go into the books as one of the driest on record in St. Cloud.

The National Weather Service says we've officially had .08 of an inch of rain this month.  We are 1.22 inches below normal.

This year is tied for the 7th driest on record in St. Cloud.

By comparison, last year we recorded 2.06 inches of rain in November.

The National Weather Service says, with the snow that fell late Saturday night, we are officially at one-tenth of an inch of snow for the whole month.  We are 6.2 inches below normal.

With that light snow over the weekend, we did get out of the Top 10 for the least amount of snow in November with the number one spot at zero, and 12 years tied with just a trace.

By comparison, last year we recorded 4.4 inches of snow in November in St. Cloud.

There is no mention of precipitation in the forecast on Wednesday or Thursday as we wrap up the month.

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As for year-to-date totals, St. Cloud has had 24.38 inches of precipitation so far this year, which is 3.16 inches below normal.  St. Cloud has also had 2.6 inches of snow so far this season, which is 4.7 inches below normal.


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