For many of us the New Year brings resolutions -- resolutions to start something, stop something, maintain something or move on from something.

Often, those resolutions have to do with our health, either mental, physical or spiritual.

A Minneapolis-based beer brand has just the thing for those hoping to cut back on their alcohol consumption in 2020.

Hairless Dog Brewing is a 100% craft beer brand that offers 0.0% ABV (or completely alcohol-free) beers.

"Our goal wasn’t just to create a delicious NA beer," the website reads. "We set our sights on raising the bar of NA altogether. Hairless Dog is the result of our relentless pursuit to craft a non-alcoholic beer that sacrifices the hard stuff without sacrificing the taste."

So far, Hairless Dog offers three options -- an NA IPA, NA Black Ale and NA Coffee Stout (yep, you could actually drink it in the morning!).

“OUTSTANDING! HANDS DOWN THE BEST NA IPA I’VE HAD TO DATE,” reads one testimony at the website.

"DRINKING HAIRLESS DOG MAY CAUSE REMEMBERING," the website also reads a little tongue-in-cheek. "Moments made to remember pair well with Hairless Dog. So enjoy life with 0.0% regrets™."

Hairless Dog Brewing is available in liquor stores all over the Twin Cities area. You can also buy it online here.

If you've decided to give Dry January a try or want to live 2020 without the hangovers and regrets, check out Hairless Dog Brewing!

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