Doorbell camera footage of a U.S. Postal Service courier lobbing mail to a Minneapolis home has gained national attention.

In a video provided by a Minneapolis home owner who goes only by Greg, a U.S. Postal Service courier can be seen tossing his packaged at the front door.

The courier approaches the house before stopping a distance, City Pages guesses, of 10 yards and throws the package the rest of the way to the door. The package, Greg claims, contained a medical device.

“[I was] angry. I didn’t want the device to be broken. I think it’s ridiculous that Amazon and myself are customers and this is how we get treated.”


Responses have been mostly polarized, with some defending the courier or praising her arm:

"My carrier does this all the time and my packages land right on the front step of my door. Mind you he tosses it over an iron gate that then flys over the stairs and land perfectly at the door. So far he only does this for items less than 2lbs. So far so good. I agree this puts the item in box at risk of damage. But damn that usps guy can toss with precision."

"Do you think that parcels are handled one at a time by a person? Parcels are dumped onto a conveyor belt and smashed up against one another, meaning a 60 pound package is pushed into a one pound package with others smashed up against it, then thrown, yes thrown, into equipment to be sent to distribution centers that are then thrown, again thrown, into equipment to the officers which are then thrown.... into carrier equipment that are then thrown into the trucks to be delivered. Packaging your item is key to it not being damaged."

Others are less than impressed and expect more care with their packages:

"No matter how the packages are sorted in the plant or carrier facility, or how much pressure a carrier has to be operating like a machine to deliver fast, the paying customers deserve their items delivered professionally."

"So unnecessary. Take pride in your job that you are pretty fortunate to have. The sense of entitlement many folks have in this day in age is scary. If you’re being paid to do a job do it well. This is terrible representation of mail carriers."

A Minnesota spokesperson for the U.S. Postal Service said she hadn't received any reports, but she'd look into it. She also indicated that it's difficult to address situations like these if nobody tells the Post Office.

Greg claims that he did.

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