Yes, Donald J Trump was sworn in this afternoon at noon as the 45th President of the United States. I was hoping to see a different man today, as he descended the steps to take the oath of office. I truly believed the weight of the presidency would humble him, but so far its the same guy from the contentious campaign trail. It falls on President Trump to unite this country, and be a voice of ALL the people, not just a select few.

I also hope that Vice-President Pence steals his Twitter account. I don't want to see my President commenting on reality TV show ratings or Saturday Night Live skits. If you can't take criticism or people poking fun at your expense, you certainly picked the wrong profession. I wish President Trump well. I pray he tones his rhetoric down, and gets down to doing the peoples business. He now works for us.

Dan Rather posted this on his Facebook page today.

I have never seen my country on an inauguration day so divided, so anxious, so fearful, so uncertain of its course.

I have never seen a transition so divisive with cabinet picks so encumbered by serious questions of qualifications and ethics.

I have never seen the specter of a foreign foe cast such a dark shadow over the workings of our democracy.

I have never seen an incoming president so preoccupied with responding to the understandable vagaries of dissent and seemingly unwilling to contend with the full weight and responsibilities of the most powerful job in the world.

I have never seen such a tangled web of conflicting interests.

Despite the pageantry of unity on display at the Capitol today, there is a piercing sense that we are entering a chapter in our nation's evolving story unlike one ever yet written. To be sure, there are millions of Donald Trump supporters who are euphoric with their candidate's rise. Other Trump voters have expressed reservations, having preferred his bluster to his rival's perceived shortcomings in the last election, but admitting more and more that they are not sure what kind of man they bestowed the keys to the presidency. The rest of America - the majority of voters - would not be - and indeed is not - hesitant in sharing its conclusions on the character and fitness of Donald Trump for the office he now holds.

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