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I got a call from a listener this morning that spoke to my soul. Jason said that he misses having a bingo hall in central Minnesota. And, it struck a cord with me. I love bingo too!

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The St. Cloud Bingo Emporium just closed down a few months ago. To be honest, I thought it was kind of expensive and the prize money wasn't worth the buy in. We need a more affordable bingo hall or at least a bingo hall that offers up larger prize money to justify the buy in. I've gone to bingo halls in the cities and the buy in is usually $60-$70 for all of the electronic score cards and paper cards with prizes upwards of $1,000.


I think a bingo hall could do really well in our area if they made a few tweeks...I mean, it does super well at the Benton County Fair and at Joe Town Rocks! It's hard to find an open seat sometimes. We love our bingo here. Let's bring back a bingo hall! Who's with me?!

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