Father may know best, but Mom knows everything. Really. Don't believe me? Read on. 

Here are some random things that my mom (and probably every mom) knows. I guess it's not called Mothers' Intuition for nothing.

What to Do When You're Sick - No tummy ache went untreated, no earache went unchecked and no fever went undetected. As the slightest complaint of anything, my Mom would spring into action and knew exactly what to do for everything.

When You're Faking Sick - This one goes hand in hand with number one. If I had Englishtestitis, Mom knew I was crying wolf so I can have an extra day to study and it wasn't going to work. Same goes if I was faking that I was OK so I could go to that party on Friday night. That being said, she also knew when I was really, actually and truly sick and will send me to the doctor back to bed as she saw fit.

Where All the Sales Are - I got my uncanny knack for scoring bargains from my mother. She always knew that Lee Jeans were on sale at JC Penney and when they went on sale and how long they were going to be on sale for. She also taught me that just because something is on sale, if it doesn't fit properly, don't buy it. Save your money.

How to Not Get Grossed Out - Mom was nurse and doctor and she could touch or smell anything without barfing. How, I will never know because I had to kill a spider yesterday and freaked out, but when I was a kid? No problem. Mom's got it.

What's Really Bothering You - I thought I was a ninja when it came to evading stuff, but Mom knew what was up. And again, going back to number one, Mom fixed it.

When You're Up to Something - I was up to something all the time. Mom would never say anything. Again, trying with all my might at my ninja-like evasion skills, but Mom knew what was up and she would give me just enough rope to hang myself.

How to Multi-Task - She could sort, wash and fold clothes, separate me and my sister during a slap fight while on the phone coordinating schedules and making dinner. All in a day's work.

What You're Doing When Her Back is Turned - She saw it all. She also hears everything. So let that be a warning to the kids. You are the all knowing wizard and yes,  moms are magic.

What else does/did your mom know how to do?

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