We got an email from one of our listeners last week who has a grandson about the same age as our son Charlie. The woman, who we'll call "Glenda," said she babysits her grandson, who we'll call "Max," regularly and has been taking him on walks since the weather has been nicer.

She thought it would be a smart idea to buy a child safety harness for Max to make sure that he doesn't run into the road. Her daughter-in-law, who we'll call "Gina," doesn't know she has been using the child safety harness. Glenda didn't know that Gina had such a problem with them. Gina calls the safety harnesses 'child leashes'.


Glenda doesn't know how to tell Gina that she's been putting Max in a child safety harness when they go on walks. She wants to know if they're really as bad as Gina thinks they are.

Dave's on Gina's side. He thinks they aren't very humane and thinks parents just need to keep a better eye on their kids. I think there's a time and a place for them. I think every child and situation are different.

What do YOU think?


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