Hello fellow parents. I have a question to ask you for a friend of mine...OK, it's for me. I have a son named Charlie (pictured above) who is a year and a half old. This will be his first Easter that the Easter Bunny is actually putting some candy in his basket. Family will also likely be giving him some candy. Obviously, he's too little to eat all of that candy on his own.


So, his dad Dave and I have both stepped up and said we'd be willing to eat some of it, you know, to help him out. We're just thinking of what's best for Charlie here.

At this point in his life, he's too little to eat all of it...and he's never going to notice a few missing pieces. Is it really stealing candy from a baby or is it helping a baby out?

At some point in his life though, he's going to definitely notice a few missing pieces here and there. I mean, when I was a kid, I practically took inventory of my basket. What age can you no longer steal candy from your kid's Easter stash anymore?


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