Minnesota gets its name from the Sioux word meaning 'sky tinted water' or 'muddy water'. It's a name that really seems to fit us because we've got so many lakes. Did you know that Minnesota also has several nicknames. How many of our 7 nicknames do you know?

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  • State of Hockey: Of course we're known for our hockey! I'm pretty sure Minnesota is the birthplace of hockey (it's not really, but I like to think it is).
  • The Wheat State: This nickname isn't as popular as some of our other ones. We get this name from having such an abundance of wheat crops.
  • The Gopher State : The striped gopher is popular in our region. I'd know...those little buggers love to dig up my yard in the spring. They're the mascot for the University of Minnesota and also the Minnesota State Fair.
  • Land of 10,000 Lakes: We actually have over 15,000 lakes if you count all of the little ones. This might be the most common nickname we hear, but it's not the official nickname of Minnesota.
  • The North Star State: It's in our state seal..and our OFFICIAL nickname. Yep! This is a name we're proud of because, we really are the star of the north. Just, don't bring up the old North Star hockey team to a Minnesotan...you might wreck their day.
  • The Bread and Butter State: According to Netstate.com, this nickname actually started in New York at a 1902  exposition that displayed a lot of our dairy and bread products. We must have wowed everyone because they started calling us the bread and butter state. Woot woot!
  • New England of the West: Minnesota had a lot of immigrants from New England which is why we were often referred to as 'New England of the West'.


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