It feels good knowing I am not alone! Buzzfeed did a poll on weird habits, here are the results!

  • 75% of people worry they will be accused of shoplifting when they leave a store without buying anything. I am definitely one of those people! I can't count the number of gum packs I have bought out of guilt!
  • 78% of people pace and fidget with stuff when they are on the phone. *Hangs up phone* How did I end up outside?
  • 82% of people hate hearing recordings of their own voice. I still can be that way, even though I hear my own voice everyday!
  • 52% of people worry they're being judged on their windshield wiper speed. I AM NOT ALONE!!!
  • 93% have closed out of Facebook or Twitter because they are bored with it, but then reopen the app a few seconds later. All. Day. Every. Day.
  • 83% of us respond to our pets like they are people when they bark or meow. Super guilty!

What weird habits do you have that you're self-conscious about? Chances are good you're not alone on them! Share them in the comments below!

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