In my family, we always celebrated St. Nicholas Day on December 6. If we were really good kids and on track for being on Santa's Nice List, St. Nick would let us know by making a special stop at our house.

If we were good, he'd bang on the doors and windows around dusk and leave us a bag of goodies on our door step. It was usually nuts, fruit and chocolates.


As the story was told, if you were a bad kid, he'd leave you a switch or coal. And, we didn't dare try to catch him in the act as my parents would warn us that if he was seen, you'd be left nothing.

We got a visit from St. Nick every single year when I was growing up. I was telling my husband Dave a story about St. Nick's Day from years past and he looked so confused. I asked him what was the matter and he told me he had never heard of St. Nick's Day before. His family didn't celebrate the tradition.

I decided to ask a few co-workers and friends if they celebrated St. Nicholas Day when they were children and shockingly to me, more of them said no than yes.

My family has been known to do things a little differently than others. I learn how weird I am as I grow older. Did you and your family celebrate St. Nicholas Day when you were a kid? Take our poll question below!


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