I didn't get a chance to watch the American Music Awards live last night unfortunately, and as I was getting caught up this morning on show highlights and winners, something just seemed odd.

Artist of the Year:  Ariana Grande - up against Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Rihanna and Carrie Underwood

New Artist of the Year:  Zayn

Collaboration of the Year:  "Work from Home", Fifth Harmony with Ty Dolla Sign

Video of the Year:  "Sorry", Justin Bieber

Tour of the Year:  Beyoncé

Now this all seems normal, the big names in music winning the big awards, but as the list goes on, the same names and winners happen over and over again.

Justin Bieber took home the awards from Best pop/rock album and song with Purpose and "Love Yourself". Pop makes sense but I never hear Justin Bieber on a Rock station. Why are those two categories made into one?

Selena Gomez was the winner of the Favorite Female Artist in the Pop/Rock category up against Adele and Rihanna. None of those women are what I would be considered "Pop/Rock". They are all very much pop. Again I ask why are they one category?

What really threw me off what Chris Brown winning Favorite Male Artist for Soul/R&B. He was up against Bryson Tiller and The Weekend. I could name a few things those two have done over the past year but not a single thing Chris Brown has done.

Overall I guess I don't really agree with the AMA winners from last night. I think the categories need to be remade and allow for more of a variety of winners. How do you feel? Let me know in the comments!