My husband's brother is getting married next weekend and we're on the hunt for the perfect gift for the soon to be newlyweds. We're not sure if we're supposed to get them a family heirloom type gift that they'll be able to keep forever and pass down to their future children someday, or if money is the way to go.


We attended a mutual friends wedding a few years ago and bought them an actual gift off their registry. We wrapped it up all cute and put it on the gift table with the other presents. My husband overheard the groom make a comment about how disappointed he was to see so many gifts and so few cards. It was clear that the couple really wanted money.

Ever since that day, we decided we'd only give cards with money in them to our friends. But, this situation is different because it's Dave's brother. Money, while practical and nice, seems so disingenuous.

So, we want to throw it out to you think it's appropriate to give the gift of money instead of a sentimental gift to a close family member?  We also don't want to disappoint the new couple with a sentimental gift if they're really hoping for money.


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