My husband and I took our 17-month-old son, Charlie, to Disney On Ice this weekend. We really weren't sure what to expect because he has a very short attention span. We were prepared to leave after 20 minutes...but, to our shock and surprise, we made it through the whole show without any issues!


Not only did our son LOVE the show, but he also danced, clapped and sang along. I'm telling you, it was shocking. I also really enjoyed the show because it featured songs and characters from my childhood.

After Disney On Ice on Friday, Dave felt courageous enough to bring Charlie to his first movie at Parkwood Cinema on Saturday. Charlie not only handled it so well, but seemed to enjoy it. I think we've had a break through this weekend. I always thought it would be years from now before he'd be old enough to behave at movies and events. He proved us wrong this weekend. How old was your child the first time you brought him or her to a live event or movie?

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