Winter in Minnesota looks pretty cold in my car right now. Yes, I've got a few frozen water bottles rolling around in my backseat, chap stick that's too cold to use sitting in my center console as well as a BUNCH of frozen hand sanitizer in my car.

Apparently, if you've been storing bottles of sanitizer in your vehicle and it froze then you just need to throw it straight in the trash. Seriously, don't hoard it because it's no good anymore.

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According to Fox56, if your hand sanitizer freezes, it actually ruins it. In Minnesota, we know how cold it can get outside and chances are your car sanitizer is just a placebo at this point. You're just asking for germs, Janice.

Once the alcohol freezes, there's not enough alcohol in the mixture to do anything for you as far as killing off bacteria.

Instead, try leaving a small bottle in your coat pocket or purse. Somewhere that it won't freeze but it'll be readily available when you do need it.

Fox56 also mentioned that alcohol free sanitizers do exist, so that's also a good option. But, if you notice that your sanitizer is frozen like a popsicle dangling off of Frosty's nose, toss it out. It will not do anything for you.

We're just here to help. Stay healthy and warm, friends.

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