Did you know the St. Paul Saints made an appearance in the 1996 film Space Jam?

Sort of, anyways...Bill Murray wears a St. Paul Saints hat throughout the movie.

Now, I'm originally from Illinois and not a fan of any Minnesota sports teams, so I'm claiming innocence on this one. But after asking both local Minnesotans and Minnesota sports fans, it turned out they were just as surprised as I was!

Watch the clip below and see for yourself!

Then again, maybe the nod to St. Paul's minor league baseball team shouldn't be that big a surprise; Bill Murray has been a long-time part-owner of the Saints. Back in 2014, just after becoming part-owner, he stood outside Midway Stadium and took tickets from people entering the park.

Know of any other movies or TV shows in which a Minnesota team made an appearance (commonly known or not)?


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