I was just heartbroken when I heard the news of Dick Clark's passing yesterday. He was a huge part of my childhood and I, along with countless others owe him a debt of gratitude.

Back in the day, I remember scrambling home from school so I could catch American Bandstand. I used to play radio with my tapes and I knew I wanted to do something with music when I grew up. I wanted to know what the latest and coolest music was so I could feel cooler than my friends and American Bandstand was it. Dick Clark's American Bandstand had the biggest stars, the coolest new songs and the latest dance moves. I tried to never miss Bandstand ever.

When I was old enough to stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve, there was Dick Clark. He threw the biggest party in New York City and it was not the new year until that ball dropped in Times Square.  Again, Dick Clark had the biggest and hottest stars playing their latest hits and showing off their latest dance moves. I always told myself, "I WANNA DO THAT!" At the age of 30, I finally made it to New York City to party on New Year's Eve with Dick Clark and the whole entire world. It was absolutely a dream come true.

Dick Clark got his start in 1945 as a mail clerk for his uncle's radio station in Utica, New York and look where it took him. From radio, to TV and movies, he touched everyone's life all along the way. I know he touched mine. His delivery was so smooth and friendly, it's something I try and emulate every day.

He will be missed and, "For now; Dick Clark. So long."

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