My personal experience

My much anticipated Dia box came on Friday. I didn’t have time to try anything on until Sunday night. Wow…I’m  very impressed. The feel and look of the clothing…Beautiful styles that I loved!  AND!!!!!  I Love the comfort. It all feels so amazing. Especially the FEEL of the striped sleeveless shirt. The jeans…wow. I was incredibly impressed. No muffin top. They fit in all the right places. The dress was soft, and super comfortable, but I could dress it up or wear it to work casually...No clinging to my stomach or hips, or rear end. It all hangs so nicely. I already received a compliment at 7:30 this morning! Ah! Just got another one.... Yay!  The necklace.... It's a teardrop shape, and just makes my dress look great. The iridescence fits with about any color you are wearing.  I honestly can't wait to wear the jeans, with the striped sleeveless shirt and cardigan tomorrow, with the necklace. First impression...AMAZING. The added touch of the personalized letter was especially nice!

Who is Dia & Co.

Dia & Company is an online clothing subscription company that assigns you your own personal stylist. They are for ALL sizes of women.  Whether your curvy, tall, skinny, or short, it doesn't matter. They celebrate the YOU in any and every size, with comfortable, quality made clothing.

What was in the box?

I was VERY impressed with my first box. They sent a pair of pants, a shirt, cardigan, and dress and a necklace. I loved the feel of the materials, and the styles they picked out. I was shocked they could do such a great job without meeting me in person.

How does it work?

They send you try it on....keep and pay for what you want...send the rest back. They pay shipping both ways.

Your own personal stylist?

You get your own personal stylist that helps find the right looks for you. You choose what you'd like them to send. This could be accessories, like belts, shoes, purses; or jewelry. They have dress clothing, fun and casual, you name it. Seems like they really have an amazing selection to choose from.

How much does it cost?

You decide your price range per item, and they send accordingly.

I'l be sending pictures of me in my new clothes, and I'll also post my second box opening.

I loved the personal letter inside the box, and so far...they are right on!

Would you like to try Dia & Co?

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