I just love pizza. I love to make it at home and have tried so many different variations because you never know if the next pizza will be better than the last pizza (and there have been a lot of pizzas!). Well, I ran across a recipe for a DEEP FRIED pizza and knew I had to try it.

I mean, really, you know pizza's good and if you deep fry...well, anything it tastes good. So how good would a deep fried pizza taste?

Really, really good! So good. I may never eat anything else ever again good. Wait...I need to eat some fruit and vegetables. Can I put them on a deep fried pizza? Yes!

It's really only the pizza's crust that's deep fried and the whole thing comes together much more easily than you think it will when you read the recipe. So, give it a try for dinner tonight...and tomorrow...and the next day...