This morning on the Mixed Up Morning Show we asked each other, if we were still kids and found a crystal ball to see into the future, what things would we be disappointed or surprised about with our lives now?

Dave said he'd be disappointed with his hairline and I said I'd be disappointed that I was married and had a kid. Yep, I put my foot in my mouth and hurt Dave's feelings. HOWEVER, before you judge me for being too honest, when I was a kid I'd also be disappointed that I wasn't eating cake for breakfast everyday now that I'm an adult and live with my parents forever. It's safe to say I've changed as a person for the better and I love how my life turned out.

I have the cutest kid in the entire world and the sweetest husband on Earth who also happens to be my best friend. I wouldn't trade the way things are right now for anything! I guess it's good that we can't see how our lives are going to turn out. It's fun to just enjoy the ride.

I felt bad that I hurt Dave's feelings. So, I decided to run to the store and buy him a heart shaped doughnut--it seemed appropriate. I gave him the sweet treat and he got a really weird look on his face and said, "this doughnut looks stomped on like my heart."

I'm in the dog house. Check out the video above and tell us, if you were a kid and found a crystal ball to see into your future, what things would you be disappointed or surprised about with your life now?

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