FREEPORT -- There are four women from Stearns County among the 10 finalists competing for Princess Kay of the Milky Way later this month.

Eighteen-year-old Brianna Maus of Freeport is the daughter of Darrel and Lisa Maus. She says her family has a 60-cow dairy operation.

She has two older sisters that were also Princess Kay finalists.

If I have questions now as I am preparing for the State Fair and for the judging they are there and I can just ask them if I need help with some interview questions they are there and are a go-to for me.

Maus says both of her sister's heads of butter are still kept in freezers.  They'll add Brianna's butterhead to the collection after the state fair.

She says the main message she wants to convey to people is that dairy cows are well cared for.

It's kind of like a daycare in a way.  At a daycare, you can take your kids there and you know they are going to be fine because that's what they are trained to do.  Well, farmers are trained to take care of their cows.

Maus showed four cows at the recent Stearns County Fair and one of her calves has qualified for the Minnesota State Fair.

She will be a freshman this fall at South Dakota State University in Brookings where she'll major in dairy manufacturing with minors in ag business and food safety.

She says her favorite dairy product is frozen yogurt.

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Earlier Alex Christen of Sauk Centre and Hailey Frericks of Albany were both on the News @ Noon Show.  Kallie Frericks of Albany will also be featured before leaving for the Minnesota State Fair.

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