One of my worst nightmares has become reality. Quick, someone pinch me and tell me that I'm dreaming. Creepy and scary clowns have been spotted around the St. Cloud area. The first sightings were at St. Cloud State University.

It could just be students playing a hoax, but SCSU's campus safety is taking it seriously. The university emailed all students a few days ago informing them that they will be increasing their security presence.

It's hard to see this as a joke when it's something that's been happening around the country...and the incidents are something out of a Stephen King movie. The first creepy clown spotting was in South Carolina. People reported seeing clowns that were trying to lure kids into the woods.

Students in Pennsylvania have gone on "clown hunts" which put the university in a brief lock down and caused them to ban clown costumes on campus. So, yeah--this might just be one big joke, but it's not very funny at all. Check out what people are saying about the creepy clowns at SCSU.