Shakira, who I love and has a great voice, performed her new song "Empire" (which I think is a monster hit) on The Voice. Here’s where it gets crazy…she’s a judge on a hit music competition show and she lip-synced! I'm sorry people, but that just doesn't send the right message to contestants and viewers alike. Especially when this little pint sized momma can sing her a_ _ off. Come on…really?

If you don't think that's crazy I've got some stupid for you. An old recording engineer who worked with Jay Z back in the day tried to extort $100,000 from the hip-hop Don. Apparently he was holding on to master recordings worth an estimated 15-20 million dollars and he reached out to cut a deal. They setup a meeting at the storage facility where the tapes were being held and the only people there to greet the would-be extortionist were the cops. Dah! Do you think the Roc-a-wear tycoon was gonna go along for that ride. No! Now the courts will decide what happens to those masters.

I'm creating a vault filled with exclusive HK remixes for your partying pleasure and this weekend I'm tossing in a few more. Wait to you check out what I've done to Justin Timberlake - "Not A Bad Thing", Rixton - "Me And My Broken Heart", Iggy Azalea & Charlie XCX - "Fancy", Chainsmokers - "#Selfie" and Afrojack - "Ten Feet Tall". I'm also putting my sonic glaze to Ed Sheeran's killer new track "Sing", Christina Perri - "Human", Jason Derulo - "Talk Dirty" and the brand new banger from Katy Perry - "Birthday". There's also more of my exclusive interview with Christina Perri, our Demi Lovato give-away and plenty of non-stop mixes so make sure you're tuning in Friday and Saturday night at 10pm on Mix 94.9!

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