SARTELL (WJON News) -- The community has rallied behind the Country Lights Festival in Sartell and the event is back on track after a Grinch tried to ruin it earlier this month.

Organizers say thanks to volunteers and financial donations, they have replaced the lights on the 85 trees that were cut. The cost to replace the lights was $1,500.

Police don't have any suspects yet.

Better lighting and new cameras are now in place to prevent another incident.

The lights along Lake Francis are already on nightly, with the official kick-off scheduled for December 1st.

Spokesman Scott Schmitz says they've changed some of the displays this year going for more height.

This year we did add a lot more height.  We have like 40 to 50 stars that we've put together and they are suspended very high into the trees.  It looks really neat at night.  We've spent a lot of time up in the lift.

They have also added a fourth tunnel for you to walk through.

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The 7th annual Country Lights Festival in Sartell runs through December 31st. Every Friday and Saturday there will be a kiddie train. Some special nights include Santa Night, S'mores Night, Senior Night, Jammie and Movie Night, and fireworks on New Year's Eve.


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