Shania Twain and Yung Gravy, making music together? What's happening? Do we call that 'The Gravy Twain?" Maybe that should be the name of their next song together.

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Yung Gravy, a Minnesota artist who's known for making waves with his music, has teamed up with a country music superstar. Shania Twain appears with him on a new song called, 'White Claw." Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yes. It IS about the drink and some of the lyrics go like this:

"Black Cherry and Lemon-lime and mango...I've got every kind of claw. Which one you want?"

Shania Twain comes in after that with a few lines on why Claws are better than some other options. I'm thinking that maybe Yung Gravy should get some kind of commercial deal with White Claw?


There is a clip of the new song below, but BEWARE! There is an F-Bomb lurking towards the end of the clip! You've been warned.

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Yung Gravy's trip into country music seems to come from friendships he's made with some country music artists; Morgan Wallen, Hardy, and one of the most important, according to Gravy, Shania Twain. Yung says his music is inspired by lots of different genres, and growing up in Minnesota, of course he heard a lot of country music when he was growing up.

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Yung Gravy has a new song out now called, "Clementine," where you see a bit softer side at the beginning, until you get to the more 'questionable lyrics' that he's so well known for; and yes. Still degrading women. However, this is possibly a more 'commercial friendly' side of Gravy that you may not have seen before. He has a tendency to negatively portray women in songs; there's no getting around that.

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