Looking for a photograph that stands out, but also shows others the raw beauty of Minnesota? Hop in the car and start driving north, as I think I just found one of Minnesota's most popular photographed areas, that maybe you've never heard of. Let's call it a 'hidden gem' hiding in plain sight. It's called Artist's Point and you can find it in Grand Marais.

Last night after the storms rolled through Central Minnesota, I was doom scrolling on social media, waiting to fall asleep when I saw some pictures from one of my broadcast teachers. The pictures were accompanied by some context, but what it boiled down to was telling folks that Artist's Point is one of the most beautiful spots to take a picture along the North Shore.

So how do you get to Artist's Point?

Take 61 North to Grand Marais, then turn right on Broadway Ave in Grand Marais. Drive all the way down to the parking area, then walk down towards the Grand Marais lighthouse. Anywhere in that area you'll find a great spot to take a picture of the point with the lighthouse in the foreground, or you can turn more to the right and just capture the point.

Flip the camera around and grab an epic selfie with the brilliant blue of Lake Superior in the background, or move around so the lighthouse and point are in your background.

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While you are already 'Up North' why not stop by Minnesota's Black Sand Beach and cross that off your bucket list? Not sure where/what that is, don't worry we've got you covered!

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