Since I've heard about Costco, I have heard about their brands being regular top big brands, just with the Costco, or Kirkland brand name on them.  The biggest claim that I've been hearing about for years was the claim that the Kirkland brand vodka is the same as Grey Goose.  And guess what... they deny this.  But the claim continues.

There are several other products that claim that they are the same as the big brand... and guess what...some of them are.  Some of them might be, and some of them say that they aren't.  For the ones that claim that it is true, how is this ok?  You would think that there would be an issue with the name brand - and Costco putting their brand - Kirkland- on the container.  Apparently they do partner up in most cases where this has been confirmed as the same product.  One is obvious and that is Jelly Belly. That brand name is added to the Kirkland container.  Showing both names.  I suppose that let's Costco sell the product at a cheaper price, since you are buying in bulk?

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There is a list of 34 brands that have been claimed to be the same as the top big brands.  The website breaks it down for you here.  Some are surprising.

I have also heard the claim that the Kirkland home stores are also linked to Costco.  This is not true.  They are completely separate.  You have to wonder how they can both use the same name in that case.  But they do.  Kirkland home stores was founded by brothers with the last name of Kirkland about 20 years before Costco was.

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