WAITE PARK – Waite Park officials continue their efforts regarding the amphitheater project.

During Tuesday's work session Oertel Architects provided some updates regarding cost and designs for the project. Jeff Oertel says there have been several challenges on the project.

“We talked about the fact their is rock excavation, utility work and storm ponds that amount to close to 3-million dollars and we can't get around that," says Oertel.

Updated plans call for roughly 4,000-5,000 in seating capacity, a 4% grade for slope seating for viewing, fixed and grass seating, and stage standing at six feet tall.

Oertel says they are looking at a total cost for the project around $10-million, however they could cut down project cost and increase seating by moving the amphitheater to the northeast side of the property.

“We'll pull a million or two out with the latest concept and we'll also generate better seating, more of the premium seats," says Oertel.

Oertel says they will continue to tweak the designs but a final design and cost will need to be approved soon if they council hopes to begin construction by the summer of 2018.

"We almost need to start design next week in order to bid it out this winter to start it in the spring time," says Oertel.

The city wants to keep the total project cost under $7-million. Back in March the city requested about $5-million in state bonding money for the project. While the project doesn’t hinges on state funding, it would be a challenge without it.

The proposed amphitheater site will overlook a piece of quarry land along 17th Avenue and Parkwary Drive.