The weather is finally heating up and we can head outdoors and sweat with the mosquito's! Cool off with this healthy, summer treat!

One of my food weaknesses is ice cream. I could eat it every day, for every meal and never get sick of it. While it may be a good source for calcium, its a bad source for saturated fats and sugars and bad carbs and the list could on . . . I decided that I would have to make a change that would still satisfy my sweet tooth and remain healthy at the same time!

Our trusty pal, Pinterest, peaked my interest with a sorbet recipe. You know the healthy foods and exercises we all swear we will do . . . well I finally made one! Strawberry-Rhubarb sorbet. A healthier version of ice cream, and it's naturally sweet! (Pinterest even says that this sorbet will whiten your teeth and brighten your skin tone!)

I made the sorbet with the help of my niece and nephew, who are eight and ten. They had the option of ice cream from my mom's birthday party or the sorbet, and surprisingly, they chose the sorbet!!! Boy was I nervous to see if they would like it or not. (I didn't tell them I didn't add any surgar!)

The sorbet took roughly 20-minutes to make and less than five minutes for it to be gone! The kids loved it!! Oh, and so did I!!! I can't wait to make it again and try different fruits for different flavors! If you want your summer treats but not the bad ingredients, try this recipe.

Ingredients needed:

½ cup diced rhubarb

1 cup orange juice (if not using freshly squeezed, use 100% orange juice, no added anything, just oranges . . . stay away from sugar!)

1 cup frozen banana slices, about 2 bananas, (peeled and slice before freezing)

2 cups (10 ounces) frozen strawberries

1 teaspoon ginger, minced (I used ground)

How to make:

In small pot, simmer rhubarb in orange juice for 15 minutes until tender. Strain and reserve both the cooked rhubarb and juice. In blender (or food processor), combine frozen strawberries, banana, ginger, rhubarb and ¼ cup of reserved juice. Blend until smooth and serve or freeze for a harder consistency.