Taylor Swift will be at U.S. Bank Stadium on August 31st and Sept. 1st with Camila Cabello and Charli XCX. We've been sending out code words and asking people to stop out to various businesses to collect secret code words to win their way into the 'Snake Pit'. We've been giving away tickets on the air too! It's finally time to reveal our big winners!

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Winners through the Mix Mobile App

  • Chad C.
  • Frank C.
  • Kari Z.
  • Dawn M.
  • Linnea O.

Snake Pit passes

  • Brianna S. (registered at North Crest Kids Activity Center)

On-air winners between Aug. 20-24 (so far)

  • Becky B.
  • Bill P.
  • Suzanne C.
  • Mary P.
  • Brook E.
  • Shawn P.
  • Tina S.
  • Anna S.
  • Jenny S.
  • Jonathan A.
  • Ashton C.
  • Lori Y.
  • Tina H.
  • Kathy Z.
  • Katie G.
  • Mary Y.
  • Lynn R.
  • Julie B.
  • Cassie L.
  • Bri K.
  • Adam J.
  • Krystal K.
  • Marge H.
  • Ron K.
  • Gaishma S.
  • Heidi S.
  • Dawn M.
  • Kari P.
  • Reina W.
  • Sharon C.
  • Molly B.
  • Emily U.
  • Roxanne B.
  • Rose M.
  • Rhonda S.
  • NIck J.
  • Gracie M.
  • Amy L.
  • Darla B.

Tickets to see Taylor Swift's 'Reputation Tour' at U.S. Bank Stadium are on-sale now through Ticketmaster.

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