I move into my new apartment April 1st and I would say I am about 50% prepared for it, I have most of my kitchen wares and bedroom furniture, which is a solid start. This past weekend I decided to hit up an unclaimed freight warehouse in hopes of scoring some cheap living room furniture and it did NOT go as planned.

I love places like Ron’s Warehouse in Alexandria and Gopher Bargain Center in St. Cloud. You walk in and just never know what you’ll find, which is also the problem I had this past weekend. I went into Ron’s in Alexandria with every intention of only shopping for what I needed and instead I walked out of there with:
- A jumbo sticky hand
- An insulated drink mug - because I definitely need another one of those
- A six-pack of patriotic buttons
- A Michigan license plate magnet with my friends name on it
- And the biggest impulse purchase of them all: a pair of roller blades.

I did get one thing I got for my apartment, a tray that organizes silverware. So mission kinda accomplished? I think so.
What is your worst impulse shopping story? Leave me a comment below