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Jay Leno may be leaving in 2014, but Conan O'Brien is keeping his spot on late night T.V. and getting new fans as we speak. How is he getting new fans? By crashing weddings!

I kid you not, Conan was down in Atlanta relaxing in his hotel when he saw a tweet inviting him to a wedding taking place at the same hotel. Instead of ignoring the tweet like most celebrities, Conan decided to crash the wedding!

A source says he joked around a little, did his "string dance", chatted with the bride and groom and showed them pictures of his wife and kids. He even ordered a whiskey cocktail, but "politely refused" a lemon drop shot. He stayed for about an hour, and a source says he was, "cool and approachable and the nicest guy in the world."

How fun would that be! to randomly have a big name celebrity just show up at your wedding. Talk about memories! See some of the photos here.

If you could invite one celebrity to your wedding or big party, who would it be and why?

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