Starbucks unveiled their cup for the 2017 holiday season, and while it may seem void of color, that's actually for a reason -- you get to color it in yourself!



The cup -- designed with images of pencil-drawn Christmas trees, presents, giving hands and more -- does have minimal red and green colors, but the rest of the white space is yours to fill in yourself! In a statement from executive creative director for Starbucks Leanne Fremar,

This year’s cup is intentionally designed to encourage our customers to add their own color and illustrations. We love the idea of everyone making this year’s cup their own.”


most of our U.S. Starbucks locations will have colored pencils available for customers to borrow.”


Starbucks' theme this year is "Give Good," and the sleeve for hot drinks will have the words printed on it. Customers are also encouraged to use #GiveGood on social media when they do good this holiday season.



Personally, I love seeing traditional symbols of the Christmas season on holiday products. It adds to the charm and presence of the season. Sometimes we get so caught up in being politically correct that we forget we'll never actually appeal to everybody. So here's to more snowflakes, candy canes, wreaths and nativity sets! Or, whatever Christmas means to you this year.

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