"This is fun for no one, including fans."

That's according to Twins' First Baseman Logan Morrison.

In an Instagram video posted Wednesday, he made it clear he was having none of the snow and cold weather.

"New rule. You build a stadium, it has to come with a roof. This is fun for no one, including fans. It’s 2018, people want to be comfortable while watching and playing games."

He earned some backlash for the comment, but in an interview with the Pioneer Press held his ground, "I was just more or less saying it would probably be more comfortable for everyone if we had roofs. I don't think anyone wants to freeze and watch a baseball game either."

The expected temperature for today's Twins season opener against the Seattle Mariners is 38 degrees at Target Field. The coldest home game in Twins history was April 17, 2014 against the Toronto Blue Jays; the temperature that day was 31 degrees. Starting pitcher Kyle Gibson opened that game against the Blue Jays, so at least today's temps won't be the worst he's played in.

Today's opener is set for 3:10pm.

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